"When i was introduced to Anthony My ADHD child was going through what  I would describe as one of the worst periods of his symptoms at that time. He struggled with anxiety, perception of communication, self regulation and social interaction. He was highly misunderstood by some school staff ignorant to his condition which was also affecting his self esteem."

"Through Anthony’s role he was able to improve my sons school experience and help him in positive and practical ways, using different methods to therapeutically offer my son a non judgemental outlet for his feelings. Through these interventions Anthony helped prevent a mental health crisis, working in partnership with myself as a parent but also collaboratively with staff as well as supporting my son."

"There were times I had difficulty getting my son to school and Anthony was the only person my son trusted, so he was able to help us through this difficult period. Anthony relates so well to young people and they engage with him where they may have previously refused to with other therapists. I have observed positive results from his practice with other children and young adults throughout the years I have known him."

"I will be forever grateful to Anthony for his positive intervention, excellent therapeutic practice and truly life changing impact he had on our lives as a family. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony to other parents seeking child therapy services from a dedicated practitioner with a proven track record of his practice leading to positive outcomes for children."

Parent - Hazel (DIPSW)

".Anthony has helped my family so much; his knowledge of children, his ease of communication and calm,  empathetic approach have all contributed to my sons almost complete recovery from some really hard times. My son had isolating feelings of depression and was suicidal. It was effecting the whole family. He wouldn’t talk to me about his issues, he felt I couldn’t understand  him. During this very difficult time  Anthony provided a weekly beacon of hope for my boy in a way that allowed him to deal with some difficult thought processes. Anthony offered him the space to work thorough the issues and a toolkit to help him out when things got really bad and also just in general growth mindset techniques for day to day life. Anthony was there to support us and offer guidance when needed. His experience is huge and I would recommend him to anyone needing support with their child"

Parent - Nicola.

"I have been extremely fortunate to work with Anthony. His wealth of experience and generosity to share his skills have been of huge value to my own professional development . Anthony is a brilliant team leader who without funds established a much needed school therapy department that has helped many children and parents. It has been a privilege to observe Anthony working with children first hand. His natural ability to put children and parents at ease enables a trusting non judgemental environment. His relaxed, uncomplicated approach to therapy belies the skills and clinical techniques that he understands and uses so well."

"Dan Kimerling is a Child and Adolescent psychoanalytic  psychotherapist in training.(Registered with the ACP)"